There are all sorts of people here – people of all ages and from different cultures and backgrounds. We come together to celebrate what Jesus Christ has done for us and how he has changed our lives.

We hope you feel relaxed and enjoy the presence of God with us. Our celebration starts at 10;45am and lasts until 12:30pm. Please join us in the coffee shop after our celebration where there’ll be a hot cup of tea or coffee or a cold juice waiting for you. On the first Sunday of each month we share breakfast or lunch together and you are more than welcome to join us and get to know us more.


We are a growing multi –generational, multi-ethnic group of Jesus followers passionate about seeing our love of Jesus reflected in all that we do.


The church does not exist in a vacuum; we are an integral part of the community of Farnworth. We aim to be a blessing to the community by our presence. We will work in partnership to transform the community for good.


God intended that we do not live in isolation. Our future is determined by our relationships. We are not about working individually but about building lives together. We will equip, empower and release people to fulfil their God given destiny.

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